Nagase Techno Engineering Co., Ltd. is an authorized distributor of the cryocoolers and cryopumps of Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Ltd.

Cleaner Vacuum, Higher Level of Vacuum Control and Wider Range of Vacuum Pressure


Indispensable "Ultra-high Vacuum"

The "ultra-high vacuum" indispensable for semiconductor manufacturing processes also plays an important role in the basic research of exotic materials and elementary particles. Realizing cleaner vacuum, higher level of vacuum control and wider range of vacuum pressure will lead advanced science and technology to produce greater results.

High Discharge Speed and Clean Vacuum Quality

The cryopump unit operated by the Solvay-cycle refrigeration method equipped with a helium compressor independently developed from abundant air conditioning technology is now released. The reliability and perfected functions with high discharge speeds and vacuum quality has been evaluated at various sites. In response to the needs to improve productivity and efficiency, the Marathon® CP Series has been substantially improved more than ever, with additional models to the lineup and classification by series. Quality vacuum is now available.

Specification List

Cryopump Model Marathon®CP
CP-8 CP-8LP CP-250LP CP-12 CP-16 CP-20
Nitrogen(L/s) 1,500 1,800 3,000 3,600 4,800 9,700
Water(L/s) 4,200 4,200 6,300 9,560 17,300 29,100
Argon(L/s) 1,250 1,500 2,500 3,100 4,100 8,300
Argon(L/s) 2,300 3,000 5,000 7,300 12,000 14,000
Argon throughput
(Torr - L/s)
11.0 11.0 11.0 12.6 11.4 11.3
Argon discharge capacity(Std L) 1,200 1,600 1,600 2,000 5,500 6,000
Hydrogen discharge capacity(Std L) 25 23 30 50 50 33
Crossover(Torr - L) 220 220 300 650 500 400
Pump unit weight(kg) 16.8 17.9 20.0 41.0 50.0 77.0
Compatible helium compressor

Many Pumps used in Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment

The semiconductor industry is known as a key technology to realize an information network society. The reliability of the cryopump contributes to the improvement in productivity. Cryopumps have already had great results, as a large number of cryopumps have been adopted in semiconductor manufacturing equipment including sputtering equipment and ion implanters. High reliability and stable performance can only be provided by the simple and basic structure. The long overhaul interval extends the continuous operating time of the equipment, and responds to the need for efficiency and improvement in productivity demanded on manufacturing sites today.

Application Fields for Semiconductor Manufacturing

Sputtering Equipment, Ion Implanters, Vapor Deposition Systems, Etching Systems, CVD, others


An Indispensable Device in any Physical Properties and Physics Areas of Research

For example, research of elementary particles performed for the purpose of theoretical investigation of the origin of the universe. The cryopump is also used in accelerators, which plays an important role in this research. Ions and particles including excessive water that obstruct various physical properties and reactions, and interrupt the measurements and observations of these physical properties. The cryopump discharges these items quickly and achieves a clean vacuum. The application range as an indispensable device for all physical properties and physics areas of research will continue to expand. NTE offers cryopumps according to the subject of research.

Application Fields in Physical Properties and Physics Research

Accelerators, Fusion Devices, Electron Microscopes, Molecular Beam Epitaxial Systems (MBE), Space Chambers, Surface Analysis Systems and Ion Beam Measurement Equipment


Principles of Cryopump

The high performance cryopump developed by our own refrigeration and cryogenic technology, creates an ultra high vacuum at ultra-low temperatures. The gas molecules have a characteristic of condensing and adsorbing when they collide with the surface which is cooled to near absolute zero (–273.15º℃). The principle of the cryopump is to discharge the gas molecules by ultra-low temperatures utilizing these characteristics.

The cryopump consists of two stages of refrigerators, the first stage (50K–80K) baffle portion mainly absorbs vapor. The second stage (10K–20K) condenses and absorbs gas molecules, such as oxygen, nitrogen and argon. Moreover, hydrogen, helium and neon with low condensation temperatures are also absorbed at low temperatures by the activated carbon which is coated on the inner surface of the second stage. Accordingly, the gas in the processing space is rarefied, and creates an ultra-high vacuum of 10-6 to 10-7 Pa or less. The highly efficient <> with extremely high reliability has been adopted. The cryopump has adopted the <> method in the refrigeration cycle which is the core portion of the pump. The adoption of the Solvay-cycle method realized extremely reliable operation without mechanical complexities. Maintenance can also be performed more quickly with a fewer number of parts.


Clean Ultra-high Vacuum without Back Diffusion

There is no back diffusion in the cryopump, as no oil exists in the exhaust system. Since the crossover pressure of the oil of the roughing vacuum pump used before starting can be set to a high value, there is no concern of back diffusion, which realizes clean vacuum indispensable for advanced industries.

Improves Productivity with Quick Discharge

The achieved pressure is determined by the discharge speed of the vapor. The discharge speed of the cryopump is particularly faster for vapor, and the quick vacuum discharge will contribute to improvements in productivity.

Supports Any Type of Gas

Using the condensation at ultra-low temperatures in combination with the low temperature absorption enables quicker discharge of any type of gas. (Appropriate measures are required for toxic and hazardous gases.)

Can be Installed Vertically or Horizontally

There are no restrictions in the direction of installation, and the pump can be installed in any direction according to the peripheral conditions or the design concept.