Micro Mist Electrostatic Coating System

We can respond to the coating process which is impossible in conventional technology!

Micro Mist Precision Coater

Features of Electrostatic Coating with In-house Developed Nozzle

Thin coating of high viscosity materials

High viscosity materials can be coated, which was not possible in spray and spin coaters.
Since the coating material made into a mist by an electrostatic force is coated to a base material, a uniform film can be formed.

Material Cost Reduction

Since an electrostatic force is used, there is no waste of the coating material and costs can be reduced.

No Pinholes

Since no air pressure is applied, precision coating without voids can be achieved.

Smooth coating of three-dimensional structures

The electrostatic force allows for smooth coating on the side walls of the base material, and the base material of three-dimensional structures without unevenness.
Coating can be applied to various base materials, such as glass, silicon and film.

Free Design

This product can be used with an extensive range of materials, such as resist, high polymer ,conductive materials and high viscosity materials.
This product also supports device design according to the coating process.


MEMS Devices, Semiconductors, Organic Semiconductors, Fuel Cells, Film Substrate Applications and Other Fields requiring Thin Film Formation

Micro Mist Precision Coater


There is no waste of material by using electrostaticity.

Since the coating is applied by an electrostatic force, microscopic particles form a uniform film.

Coating on the base material of three-dimensional structures is possible which was difficult in spin coaters.

Supports an extensive range of materials such as resists, polymeric materials, coating materials, conductive materials and high viscosity materials.

Coatable Film Thickness Coatable Viscosity Film Thickness Uniformity Aspect Ratio
1-100μ MAX 50000cp within ±10%  
Micro Mist Precision Coater

For customers who expect precision coating

We providey coating tests using an in-house test coater.