Chemical Management System (CMS)

Construction Technology of Management Method and Chemical Refining Technology Based on the Chemical Characteristics.
Achieved Reduction in Amount of Usage and Waste of Chemicals, Energy Savings & Resource Savings

Chemical Management System (CMS)

Achieved Reduction in Amount of Waste, Energy Savings & Resource Savings

In the semiconductor and LCD panel industries, NTE achieved stabilization of device manufacturing processes by adopting a chemical management system (CMS) for chemicals used in the manufacturing of devices by photo-lithography processes, as well as reductions in the amount of usage and waste of chemicals, energy savings and resource savings.

Product Lineup

Ensures stable quality of the developer DDS-21(S) Developer Dilution Supply System
Automatic control of 2 component concentrations of developer in real time DDS-11 Developer Management System
Constant recycling and supply of component concentrations of a developer DMS-II Developer Recycling System
Integrated developer dilution and developer component concentration control function DDS-32S Developer Dilution and Management System
Further improved recycling efficiency of developer, allows for stable quality of recycled developers DPF Developer Purification Filtration System
Extends life of the resist stripper (remover) stripping solutions, and reduces amount of usage and waste RMS Remover Management System