Vacuum & Low-temperature Probers station

Compilation of Cryogenic Measurement Technology

Vacuum & Low-temperature Probers

NTE developed the world's first cryogenic prober. This product can be used for various applications and measurements, from the "ARK" Series with a compilation of cryogenic temperature technology to the ultimate "GRAIL" Series, which has evolved even with "measurement noise," "vibration" and "measurement temperature range" where NTE holds the knowhow and patents.

Vacuum & Low-temperature Probers


Electrical characteristics (I-V, C-V, DC))

Magnetic field characteristics

High temperature, high withstand pressure environment

High frequency measurement

Vacuum & Low-temperature Probers

Applications / Applicable Devices

・Semiconductor devices
・Power devices
・Organic devices
・Single electronic devices
・Various materials

Various optional kits can be added (Contact NTE for details)

・Magnet Kit, High Temperature Kit, High Voltage Kit, G-Box Kit, Thermal Displacement Absorption Kit

Product Lineup

Allows for low noise measurement in vacuum Support MEMS Low-Noise Vacuum Prober station
Realized measurements at high temperature and high withstand pressure environment GRAIL 10-HVT-X
Safe and simple operation and measurement environment at ultra-low temperatures GRAIL 10-305-X-LV-SCM
Can be operated from outside of vacuum at temperatures from <80k to 400℃ GRAIL 10-LOGOSO1S-X
Industry's best level of measurement noise of <±50 fa GRAIL 10-Helips-X
Low noise and vibration isolation structure GRAIL 43-305-X-LV
Can be operated from outside of vacuum at any temperature from <9k to 300k GRAIL 10-305-X-LV
For measurement environments at ultra-low temperatures at all times GRAIL 10-205-X-LV
Cools 20 mm samples in vacuum chamber GRAIL 10-308-X-4K-LV